Greetings, I'm Bro. Robert Thomas (ABMW) to the chat world, and I would like to welcome you to my page of TRAVELERS.  I am a member of Emerald #457 under the Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge of Florida P.H.A. and its Jurisdictions.  During my "travels" many people ask the question; why is Freemasonry such a secret?  And my answer, Masonry isn't a secret organization, but an organization with secrets…Masonry, the world's oldest and most respected Fraternity, encourages good men to become better men by promoting a life devoted to high ideals, community service and benevolence. Men of every race and religion become Freemasons.  Each has a personal belief in a Supreme Being and a determination to conduct himself in a manner that will earn the respect and trust of others.

During your travel with me, you will discover some of the interesting sites that I've discovered by fellow Prince Hall travelers as well as other travelers through out this vast world.  So just remember..

No Good Traveler ever Travels Alone

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