Are you a Master Mason?

What is a Master Mason?

Some of the many requirements for becoming a Master Mason consist of believing in one Supreme Being and being a man of good morals and strong family values. History shows us Master Masons are good builders and helpers of their community. Masons understand that this is not a religion, nor is any one religion practiced. Many of our greatest leaders were Masons and others have strived to be just like them.

What does a Master Mason do?

Masons are taught to lead a good and honest life. Put God, his country and family above all else and help his fellow man, especially a brother Master Mason or their family. Alot of their work consist of charities and the constant practice to better themselves morally.

What makes a Master Mason different from just any good man?

Freemasonry claims to take good men and make them better. Masons learn by example and examples are set by fellowship with other masons. Whether you are a member of the Shrine, Knights Templar, Scottish Rites or one of the many other organizations that only Master Masons can join, first you must be a Master Mason before you can join. To be a Master Mason you must be a member of a Blue Lodge. For a Blue Lodge to operate, members must attend and conduct the business of the Lodge. Active Masons attend their Blue Lodge regularly. Shrine members constantly contribute and participate in charities and York Rite and Scottish Rites have their own charities and exciting activities that attending members participate in. Again, to be a member of anything else, you must first be a Master Mason of a Blue Lodge. Blue Lodge Masons have their own charities and fun activities for those members who attend their Lodge.

Do you know what's going on in your Lodge?

Active membership in the Shrine, York Rites or Scottish Rites does not take the place of active membership in your Blue Lodge if you don't attend that Lodge. But say you're not a member of any of these extra organizations Master Masons are allowed to join. You pay your Lodge dues regularly, read newsletters like this sometimes, get an attractive symbol attached to your tombstone when you die and wonder what has freemasonry done for you.

What has Freemasonry done for you?

Do you even know the other members of your Lodge? Another year went by and a new set of officers were elected. Did you vote or even know who was voted in? How do you expect Masons to know and help you if they've never even seen or sat with you in a regular Lodge. A new Mason was raised recently and knows only the few members he saw and had fellowship with. If he needs your help, does he know you in order to ask? Do you know him so you can ask him to help? Masons are taught not to hesitate to ask for assistance nor be slow in offering aid to those brothers he knows. Masons that are active in their Lodges enjoy the fellowship of their brethren and yearn to associate with members who don't attend, but there comes a point in time when they get tired of begging others to come to meetings.

Should there be a separate definition for an Active Mason?

An Active Mason is a third degree Master Mason who regularly attends meetings and gets involved with things going on in his Lodge. An active Politician is an elected official who is involved with politics. An Active Family man is someone who takes an active part in his families' life. An Active Christian is a faithful person who attends and is regularly involved in church. So, wouldn't an Inactive Politician, Family man or Christian be considered a non-(fill in the blank). No one has any free time to do the things they need or would like to be doing and only the people who make time for things important to them, get things accomplished. True Masons know in what order they should put their life and real Masons make some time to help the cause of Freemasonry. Anyone can be a good man, but not everyone can become a Master Mason. If all you ever do is pay your dues and don't take part in your Lodges activities, then that's a very expensive tombstone symbol you've paid for.

What can a Truly Active Master Mason Do?

You can start with doing what it took to become a Mason to begin with. Get in your car and go to a regular meeting at your Blue Lodge. What if you can't drive? Ask for a ride, your Worshipful Master or Secretary would be glad to find someone to pick you up. Is your Lodge in a dangerous neighborhood? There is always safety in numbers and carpooling saves gas. Again call your WM and he will be glad to help. Who knows, that newly raised brother could be a policeman. Now that you've made it to your Lodge, enjoy the fellowship and good meals that come with the meetings and remember the great Lessons that were taught you when you first joined. Act like a Mason in public and in private and remember only the meetings are secret, not the fact that you are a True Master Mason. Masons set an example and good men see and want to become the example you set. Letting others know you are a Mason is a good thing and its quite okay to talk to others who haven't joined. New members don't come from solicitation but from the want to be like the great Masons they see in their lives. A Blue Lodge is only as strong as the brothers that attend it and it is Masons that make a Lodge. Active members of Blue Lodges work hard to keep your Lodge open and if they quit like so many others that don't attend, the Lodge will close down and then no ones a Mason. And if no one is a Mason then all we have are a few good men looking for something that doesn't exist. You've had to be an adult to become a Mason, so lets put this in adult terms. If you want to call yourself a Master Mason, ACT like a Master Mason.

If you've read all of this article, I challenge you to visit your Blue Lodge four times in the next year during a closed meeting, starting this month and if you decided not to read this article, ARE YOU A MASTER MASON?